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In lessons, one of my first goal as a teacher is to teach body awareness; How the body should position itself to create the most efficient delivery of sound. While that may sound a tad on the robotic side, it is an important first step to creating beautiful sound. Once the body is in a optimal position, it allows the voice/instrument to be free. Once free, the full beauty of the sound is able to come out. If the body is too tense or out of alignment, the voice/instrument becomes somewhat locked down, unable to move freely and creating a more restricted sound and capabilities.


I am also a big proponent of learning how to read music. Just as you would need to know French to read a French book, you really should know how to read music to be able to make music effectively. While you can still make sounds on your instrument or with your voice, your options on what sounds to make are limited if you cannot read music.


Music is an emotional area. Exploring how to connect personal emotion with the song being played/sung is essential to create a real connection between artist and the piece. Without that connection, the performance is rather flat and the full satisfaction that the singer/player would normally receive from the song is diminished.


Private lessons are $100 a 4 lesson month and $125 for a 5 lesson month(It happens every 3rd month for each day of the week).

Voice studio has openings for all levels, and violin studio has openings for beginning to some-experience violinists. (must have own violin)


Contact Sarah for rates on performances by her.


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