Lessons and Tuition


Lessons are held weekly for either a half hour or one hour – depending on the approval of the teacher (beginners are almost always at half hour lessons): Lessons are always same day of week/same time.

Half hour lessons are $25 a lesson

Hour lessons are $50 a lesson

All lessons are billed once a month, with the month’s tuition due in the first week of the month.



Violin, viola, and voice lessons follow the same pricing format.

Violin, viola, cello instrument rentals are recommended to be done through Willamette Music Company – They are the best around, and I have firsthand knowledge at their skill and customer service.

Rosin and Strings can be purchased through me if you are unable to get to the music store (Willamette Music Company) – Depending on what string is chosen the price will be different but is the same price as at Willamette. I don’t always have extra strings at hand, so the music store should be your first call.

Any instrument injuries should be taken to Willamette Music Company – they are exceptionally talented and to whom I would trust any repairs of my personal violin (God forbid that should happen)

I am teaching in person and zoom lessons at this time. I am available to teach out of state students (on Zoom only)

Please visit https://www.thestayathomesoprano.com/contact to get in touch with Sarah for location address and any other questions.



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