In James 1:27 it says “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.”

In the time that this passage was written, the orphans and widows were the most vulnerable in society. In my world, the “orphans and widows” are the disabled, my experience being with autism. 

In a few weeks my son will enter a group home that can meet his needs better than I can. It stings. It cuts to the bone, and I felt helpless. And, despite a new purpose, sometimes I still do. 

In John 9:3-4 it says, “”It was not because of his sins or his parents’ sins” Jesus answered. “This happened so the power of God could be seen in him. We must quickly carry out the tasks assigned us by the one who sent us. The night is coming, and then no one can work.”” 

In my years of living the autism life and observing those with autism, including obviously my own son, I have come to the realization, that even though it may appear that they aren’t mentally capable of understanding the ‘Good News’, many of those affected by mental disorders are aware and able. And if they go unreached, who’s fault is that? 


James 1:27 verseWe have to find a way to reach these people, the  “Widows and Orphans”, the ones among the most vulnerable in our world. They need to see they are loved. It’s a hard task. Possibly a seemingly impossible task, but “Nothing is impossible with God.” It isn’t enough to say it’s too hard, or it can’t be feasibly done. Jesus says a shepherd would leave 99 sheep to save one, so even if a large effort only reaches a few, isn’t that the call of Jesus? 

When we die and meet God, when he asks why didn’t you help my children in need, do you think that excuses like “it was really hard. It couldn’t be done. It was too big a task to undertake” will impress Him? I imagine He will say something (most likely much better delivered and less sassy than me 😉 )like “Did you forget the cross? That was hard. That was difficult, and to you would be too difficult to undertake. But I did. I showed my perfect love. I told you that nothing would be impossible for Me, and gave you My great commission, so I ask you again, why didn’t you reach my children, love my children when they needed it most?”

We need to do this. We HAVE to do this. There is no excuse. We have to figure out a way to bring the light and love of God to this group of people. And, even if they can’t understand the message we send, those near them might.  There must be a way. There HAS to be a way. We have a commission, an order, to do this. We must, in every church, get together and say let’s brainstorm, let’s reach, and let’s help these people. 

Missionaries don’t always need to travel overseas.

There are group homes all across the country, and probably the world itself. And like my son, they to cannot attend church. Despite a church possibly having some kind of program, they are still too severe to go. We must reach them on the outside.  There are disabled at home, and there are parents or caregivers who are struggling, some drowning, trying their best to give their best to the people they love. Because, they see the beauty, the intrinsic God given value, in these people. They NEED HELP! Where are we?

There are churches that have already started the effort. Lets find them and learn from them. Night is coming when there will be a time when no one can work. As each lifetime is limited, we are running out of time.

Lets do this. Let’s want this. Let’s love this task!

God does.


As always, positive comments are welcome. Negative hurtful comments will be trashed before I can even finish reading them. I have many readers who are emotionally vulnerable, and I will not post comments that will further harm.

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