Christmas giftsI am a gift giver. It’s one of my two big love languages, the other being words of affirmation. And, I do not like Christmas Lists.  For me, a gift is more than just a material possession or something you give. A good gift conveys that the person receiving the gift was so important to the giver, that they took the time and effort to pay attention to the person and know their dislikes and likes. It shows personal emotional investment in the person they are giving the gift to. It’s a sign that someone loves you.

Christmas is a most favorite time of year for me. I never ask for my kids wish list. I don’t want it. Thankfully, they have never offered one. I think they are used to it because that is the way they have grown up, not knowing anything else. I have spent most the year hearing and cataloging away in my head what they love, what they want, and based on how I know their hearts and conversations we had, what I think they would love. Much of it isn’t that hard. Any parent of a child is made well aware constantly of some of these likes and dislikes because the kids can talk about it SO much 😉 . But for me, it is a lot of fun and such a joy.

On Christmas morning, I have been known to be the one shaking them awake to open their gifts. The joy I get from Christmas is giving. My husband and I aren’t rich, by any means, and we make the decision to spend what we have on the kids. But not only seeing the joy on their faces, I feel joy in my heart because once again their hearts are cataloging away the realization that their parents love them and are invested and interested in their hearts and lives, to know them deeply. 

So if you hear that someone has a love language of receiving and giving gifts, realize it isn’t a materialistic thing. Know that it is a symbol of the investment and love. Recognize that the absence of a requested wish list isn’t a slight. I could very well be a sign that someone wants to pay attention to you. 

I can’t wait for Christmas to come! I am so excited to be able to say “I love you.” and “Knowing your heart, likes and dislikes, is a priority and joy for me.”

Without forgetting the event which is what caused the Christmas holiday to exist…I want to add that Jesus, was the first and ultimate Christmas gift. And I feel like it came with a tag saying “I love you. Knowing your heart, likes and dislikes, is a priority for me. Being with you is what I want most.”

Merry Christmas 🙂 <3

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