I was contacted a few weeks ago, by a representative of Fun and Function (www.funandfunction.com), a website dedicated to the occupational therapeutic and learning resources for children of special needs, and they asked if I would review their site and its services/products. I was given my pick of many of the products they sell. My choice was the Time Timer. I know original name right? 😉

The Time Timer isn’t made by Fun and Function; It is one of the many products they offer from a large number of companies. What I noticed, and liked a lot, is that a lot of their products are unique to them and developed by their internal team of OTs and PTs (occupational therapists and physical therapists). Look under “unique” in the menu bar and check them out! I am sure that many people with kids with learning disabilities have heard of South Paw and their OT products. I have to say that I prefer Fun and Function now. Not because I got a product from them, although it was nice, but because of their catalog and site.Nelson Mandela Quote Fun and Function

They included a catalog with the Time Timer they sent me. I opened it up and loved how each page was full of things of substance. What I mean by that is when I get South Paw catalogs, half of it seems to be full of filler stuff; Things that I could buy anywhere or even pick up at the Dollar Store, Michael’s, or Target. With Fun and Function, I felt like they offered a much larger percentage of really useful and unique products that you can only get through specialty sites. I was able to navigate their site and not get swamped in all kinds of ‘extras’ that didn’t serve a huge purpose. The catalog was nice, clearly written, and well-organized. They have competitive pricing. People who know me, know I love to price compare online. I checked and found that I can safely say that Fun and Function’s prices are good.

Their customer service was great. Email responses came back to me within a day each time. What I like about this company is that it started all because of an Occupational Therapist and mom who wanted to create a place where parents can go to for products that help kids develop new skills and function in society, that are affordable, and most of all, fun ;). I drooled over every page in that catalog.

My Fun and Function product of choice: the Time Timer Plus

Time Timer Plus Fun and FunctionNow on to the Time Timer. I picked out the Time Timer Plus. It was a large size, and for what I was going to use it for, which was home use, it was perfect. I was so excited when I saw it on Fun and Function’s website because I had heard of it before and really wanted to get it some day. They have a bunch of other sizes to provide portability options. I have used it for a few weeks now, and I love it! The added bonus, which was really unexpected, was how much my other kids would want to use it. My daughter uses it to make sure she is doing all of her nightly 45 minutes of reading time. My little guy actually loves just turning it to zero and listening to the beep. It is a plain “beep beep” that doesn’t last too long. The timer also has a volume control that goes all the way down to silent.

With our son, we used it for preparing him to make the transition to bed time. The main reason this timer is so great is that it has a red disc that is exposed as time is added to the timer. Then as the time ticks down, so does the red disk until it is gone when time runs out. Our son does best when he can see time running out in real time. It gives him help to prepare for the transition. He doesn’t do well at all with what must seem like abstract terms, such as ‘5 minutes more’ and the like. He does much better seeing what he has left to work with. What I found funny is that he quickly grasped the concept, and I caught him trying to add time back on. It works great for nap times as well. It silently goes down. No ticks or any noise at all.

I am so grateful that this company gave me the opportunity to review their site and product that they offer. I loved the experience and the overall ease of access and quality of their site. To check out the site click my affiliate link below. I hope you enjoy the site and find something that you need (I found that I felt like a kid in a cany store:) ).


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