Coffee, the caffeine goodness that fills my veins every morning. Glorious coffee. I fully believe (not really 😉 ) that there was a snippet that Moses forgot to write in the creation chapters of Genesis…

And on the eighth day, God created coffee, because he woke up from his rest, realized how tired he was and created Starbucks (or insert your coffee of choice 🙂 ). He said “Be fruitful and multiply.” And they definitely did.

Ok, so maybe that’s not really the way it went, but thankfully on one of those six days, God knew I would be born someday, along with all the other sleep deprived parents, and decided to be merciful and create the coffee bean. He also created the ability in adults to be able, or desperate enough, to bypass the initial “Oh my gosh!” alarm at the first sip. After that first few times partaking in the drink that saved mankind, we have come to love that taste and smell; The smell of awake. God also knew that for some reason, schools would think we needed a thing called “Spring Break”.

Now I love my kids. Dearly. But after the first few days of Spring Break, I am making a paper ring chain, the kind like kids make to countdown to Christmas, and tape it to my wall next to my bed. One thing I do like about spring break is that I don’t have to wake up and go through the feat of making sure hair and teeth are brushed, clothes picked out and put on, breakfast eaten, shoes and coat located, and out the door with time to make it to school before the bell. Add to that, making sure the homework makes it into the car on Mondays, so I don’t have to drive back and get it.

We don’t really go places on spring break right now. Hopefully in the future. And when we do, I’m thinking somewhere nice and sunny. That serves nice coffee. I heard that in parts of Mexico, their coffee is super delicious. So on the idea of Mexico, think of a jumping bean in a tiny rubber box. Put 3 of them in there pour in some red dye number 40 and shake it up and that is what my house feels like. ( And, on a side note, when I discovered what they actually were, I shuddered. ).

My oldest seems to have decided that sleep is optional this week, and when he is up, so are we all. I have hardwood floors in almost all of my house. Picture a 100+lb boy bounding up and down my ranch style house hallway, all the while doing some kind of giddy yodel and laughing. I love him so much, but after three days of this, it is at these times when I ask God if His plans to come back will happen anytime soon…Like in the next 30 minutes. Which is then followed by pleading that He would come back in the next 30 minutes.

Then out of what must be some sort of joke, my littlest wakes up wriggling and crying unintelligibly about some kind of discomfort that he can’t tell me or thinks I already know… just as my oldest falls asleep. Half the time when it happens, we have a sneaking suspicion that he is dreaming, then almost the other half of the time, we suspect it is actually because he is SO CRANKY when he wakes up. Then it is on to spending 20-30 minutes trying to play a version of charades crossed with translating an unknown language as to what is wrong.  Finally we usually do the usual…give him some ibuprofen and a glass of tepid hot chocolate, and he falls asleep. I look at the clock. It usually reads “2:30”. AAAAAAAAH! Remember how my oldest is in a phase of thinking sleep is just optional? Does he sleep in? Heck no. Why would he? Sleep is optional, remember 😉 ?

It isn’t always this way, and I love my kids with me. But on spring break (I block out summer from memory), my coffee consumption skyrocket. I thank God that he sent me a lifeline in the form of a stainless steel box that pours out a miracle syrup that has a glowing halo surrounding it, which I swear also plays the song “Glory, Glory Hallelujah”.

It’s my brand new toy. Does anyone remember that moment in their life when they realized they had now crossed the line into adulthood because they were elated over a new toy, that was anything but the classic definition of toy? You want to use it just as much as a kids wants to play with a new toy at Christmas. My moment was when I bought my first vacuum with my husband. I couldn’t wait to try it out, and I used it so much at first, I think my rug felt the burn.

…It’s a bad idea when it is a caffeine delivery system.

My husband let me purchase an espresso machine this year. I’ve had it for a whole two weeks, I think. I think I may need to enlist some friends to come over to drink coffee so I can play with my new toy without causing my teeth to chatter and my eyes to get tunnel vision.

espresso coffee goodness
Yes is this what I see every time I look at it 😉

And this isn’t even a sponsored post for the company. Maybe I should call them… 😉

My Takeaway. (while holding coffee, of course)

I kid, because in the end, I know that I only have a limited number of “spring breaks” with them, and after they are all spent up, I will look back and wonder where all the time went. I will also want them back. I won’t see or remember the piled up dishes, laundry that didn’t get done, floors that were covered in dirty foot prints. I will remember the laughs, the triumphs and accomplishments by and with our oldest, the family game times, and the slower paced morning routines. It’s like labor. If women remembered it in all its cruelty, almost all of us wouldn’t ever have a baby again. Somehow, the vivid painful details fade and are over-ridden with the desire for that next child. There will be a time when I long for the next “spring break”, but they will be all gone. So with my coffee(s to the 4th power) in hand, I will try my best to embrace the morning each day, knowing that I am on borrowed time with my children.

My loves.cropped-Family-20142.jpg


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