Recently, I was contacted by a company to review their product. A baby calendar. At first I thought, it was odd that they would want me to review that when I was not pregnant, past that stage, and wrote more about autism. After talking with friends and my husband, they reminded me that I am not just an autism parent. I am a person. I am me. I can’t forget my individuality. And at one time, I was pregnant.Baby Steps pregnancy calendar for pregnant women packaging

I remember being pregnant with my son. It was my first pregnancy and totally unplanned by my husband and I. We were already married, but kids were not on our radar. Well, at least completely off my husband’s radar. It was a little closer on mine.

The reactions to my pregnancy were in a wide range, as I suppose is the case with many mom’s. Some thought it was a bad thing, and that I wasn’t ready. Some were extremely excited, and some just really didn’t care much. My pregnancy with my son was a completely normal and uneventful one.

But, being my first pregnancy and the newness of it all, I was obsessed with the process and how my baby progressed and developed. It was fascinating, and unless you have been pregnant or waiting for a much-loved, and anticipated child-to-be placed in your adoptive arms, it’s hard to explain this type of excitement. It also can make you want to talk about it to anyone and everyone who might listen…and it will drive them nuts.pregnancy calendar for pregnant women veiw #2

When I was pregnant (over 12 years ago. Yikes!!), the only thing I had to fill my need for info, was Baby Center. I remember signing up for their e-newsletter, sent weekly to your email based on your due date. I remember printing EACH one out in its 3 page entirety, and filling a small ring binder. I poured over it as an anxious child would pour over a toy catalogue in anticipation of Christmas.

When I got the Baby Steps Scratch Off Calendar, I became jealous. I would have so very much-loved this as a pregnant mom-to-be. I would have loved it for all of my pregnancies. I at first thought it would look like an advent lottery ticket, but when I got it, I thought it was really cute. Yes, it does have the silver scratch off paint, but I think it was tastefully done and played well with the calendar’s colors, creating a nice contrast color. Baby Steps Scratch off pregnancy/pregnant calendar If you don’t like the scratch off paint, you can scratch it all off at once and use it as is. The paper material is like a poster, but I think it has a bit more glossy surface to it, which I liked because it had a more plastic-y laminated appearance to me, when hung. It is nice hung on the wall or the fridge as well as in a poster frame (without the plastic, if you are planning on scratching it off each day.Pregnant/Pregnancy Calendar view #3

It is an everyday calendar, with tidbits of fun facts and info under each day’s scratch–off paint, as well as some in the spaces in between. I love things like that, because I could focus all I wanted on that instead of driving all of my friends and family nuts with my every update.

I don’t plan on being pregnant again. With my three-ring circus, that might push me over the edge, and I would have friends who would slap me upside the head 🙂 . But I have a few friends who are pregnant that I can’t wait to give these too. I think they will love them!

As with any of my reviews, even though I receive free product, my opinions are always 100% genuine and 100% mine.

For a way to order, click on the first or third picture for a link to the product on Amazon, and to learn more about the company, visit  Splash Brands as well as their Facebook page,Splash Brands Facebook


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