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Yes, I may have a problem…

I know the last thing people probably want to hear or read right now is about the red Starbucks cup. I know, I know. Just put up with me for a second. I have been watching and reading, up until now, about all the varying opinions, and boy do they vary. I remember my first reaction was not  very surprised and mildly dismayed just for the fact that, if it is true that they changed the cup for fear of Christmas offending, it’s frustrating (until I looked up what last year’s cup looked like). I also find it funny, probably not the “ha ha” kind of funny, that many of the same people who get outraged at the mention of Christmas by any company, will be door busting on Black Friday for the best deals on “Christmas” presents. Slightly ironic, no?

My second reaction, almost instantly was “Do I even remember what their cup looked like last year? They had ‘Merry Christmas’ on them?” I mean, I think I remember the caffeinated warmth of Heaven going down my throat and the smell of ‘awake’ reaching my nose, more than a cup.  I’m pretty sure that last year, I probably took a look at the cup and thought ‘That looks nice…Ooooo coffee!’ and quickly forgot about the cup until I had to throw it away. And I probably looked at the recycling lid more than I did the cup.

My frustration is not as much about the cup. Besides the supposed principle of it, I really don’t care much at all about its look is. In fact, I actually like the solid red color. It’s the simple, clean lines, and bright shade of red that make it a pleasing-to-the-eye look. My frustration is with everyone who has enough of a strong opinion that they feel the need to attack others for having an opposite one. It isn’t a big deal if one person feels one way or the other about something that doesn’t really matter. I’m tired of the criticism of and laughing at the people who don’t agree with the cup, and I don’t see the need to go out on a rant about it not looking the way you would like. It almost feels like I’m telling my kids “Stop it, BOTH of you!” Fellow parents of multiples: you know what I’m talking about. We’ve all said it probably thousands of times ;).

For the most part, I’m pretty ambivalent about the cup. The ridiculous war over it, and more so, the ease of people tearing each other down, drive me nuts. So you like it; So you hate it. Leave it at that.

p.s. This was last year’s cup. Was the solid red color of this year’s cup that big of a shift?

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