There are times where you just don’t want me to speak; Mainly when I am excited, finally got a shot at adult conversation, am tired, or at bedtime.

I was doing bed time routine with my daughter, and afterwards I realized it was the absolute perfect reflection of my all encompassing tangents.

It started out with, from the hallway, my hearing her trying to sing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, but without knowing the lyrics besides “somewhere over the rainbow”.

Before entering her room, I already had my phone in hand, with the lyrics Googled (because sadly, I too forgot the lyrics [insert look of a shamed musician]). I entered her room and tried as hard as I could to pretend I just happened to hear her right at that moment.  I asked her where she heard that song, since I had never shown it to her and she’s never seen the movie, and she said her music teacher.  After thinking a very appreciated ‘well done’ to the teacher, I decided to employ to powers of YouTube, because someone out there had to have put a pirated version of the movie on there, right?

After showing her the original version,  I saw the Eva Cassidy version below. I love Eva Cassidy! I also love her version of the song, so I showed my girl this one too.  Then I saw an Eric Clapton video.  Then I had to explain why he was announcing all the band members even though he was already playing on his guitar.

Then Emma asked if Judy Garland died from being old or a sickness. (The video we watched said ‘RIP’ at the end of the movie clip, and she wanted to know what that meant.)

Oh boy…

I tried to tell her that she had made bad life choices, at first, but this smart girl wanted something more specific.  Then we got into a discussion about illegal drugs.  she wanted to know what they were, so I told her an explanation that was child-appropriate.  She wanted to know why there were drug stores in our town.  I thought she meant pharmacies, but she meant the smoker’s lounges.

Then, at this point, I can’t remember how the heck we jumped to the next tanget…Israel.  I’m thinking it was probably prompted by talks of Heaven after talking about Judy Garland’s death. Enter in talking about Jesus.  Then the fact that he was Jewish.  First we talked about how small the country was.  Thank you Google; We found out it is way smaller than even I thought.  So I showed her Oregon on the same map.  Then I showed her the countries around Israel…and then we somehow got on the subject of the history of the Six Day War and some of its stories.  Honestly this tangent conversation has even impressed myself.

In the span of a half hour we went from “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to the Six Day War.

This isn’t usual bed time conversation, and there were even more mini subjects dotted throughout the basic outline I just wrote about, but I’m starting to think the queen of tangents is raising up a princess to one day take over the title. 😉 Love her…

Until next time…

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