If you’re a mom, you probably have a child who loves bubbles.  All my kids love bubbles, but Taylor LOVES bubbles.  He will blow them most the day.  I’m finally training him to only do it outside.  It’s like his place of zen.  If we run out of bubbles, he will try to make them himself out of anything he can find that he thinks are going to get the job done: shampoo, conditioner, lotion, clay-type facial cleanser, toothpaste, aloe vera gell…the list goes on and on.  Buying enough bubbles to suit his need is impossibly expensive, so I took to Pinterest to find a bubble recipe I could do for cheap and found a bunch of them; some using cornstarch, glycerine, sugar, and corn syrup.  All these combine with water and dish soap.  Cornstarch didn’t really work well for me, glycerine isn’t cheap if you are going to make bubbles in a large bulk amount, I didn’t want to spend the money on corn syrup, and I really didn’t like the idea of using sugar.

I was trying to make bubbles the other day, and as I was thinking about what to use, the idea of gum popped into my head.  Perfect!  Not everybody works with gums (unless you are gluten-free…then you probably know them well).  I use them to create gum paste for my cake decorations and flowers.  I searched my cupboards and found my gum arabic, tylose, vegetable gums, gum tragacanth, and…..xantham gum.

IMG_0573Xanthan gum! That’s perfect!, I thought.  The other gums are $5 to $6 for a 4oz jar, but Xanthan Gum is about $8, but for 8oz.  It’s more easily found than the other gums, which you would only find at a specialty cake supply store.  Bob’s Red Mill makes xanthan gum and you can find it in most grocery stores.  You can find Xanthan gum in tons of products, from syrup to shampoo.  Gums make the bubbles a bit stronger and larger.  I toyed around with different amounts of the ingredients, and I think I have dialed into my recipe.  It makes really large bubbles that can last a while.  The recipe is not thin liquid.  It will look like liquid slime.

Sarah Adams’ Bubble Recipe

1 cup dish soap

4 cups warm water

1 tablespoon xanthan gum

Mix the xanthan gum and dish soap together first because xanthan clumps in water like flour in Thanksgiving gravy.  The dish soap will start to lighten in color and get slimy and a little puffy.  Add the warm water, and mix to combine.  That’s it!  Youre done!  I hope you like it.  remember you can tweak the ingredients amounts if you need to do so.  Happy bubbling :)!

Later on, I will post about a way to make a bubble station in the back yard.


Here’s some pictures of the bubbles in action.












































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